Buy Only the Genuine AVEOtsd

Fake copies of the AVEOtsd are found online on websites such as aliexpress and ebay. 

It’s easy to be lured by cheaper copies. Clever forgers have copied the packaging so you think what you are buying is the real deal. But it won’t be made from the highest grade medical silicone. It will be made from inferior materials that may be harmful. And there will be no product guarantee.

Only a genuine AVEOtsd uses Dow Corning medical silicone, tested and certified for medical use. Counterfeit copies use any type of cheap plastic and have no assurance againsed negative side effects.

How can you be certain you’re buying the real AVEOtsd?                                                   

Only device sold from this website, or a local distributor listed on this site have access to the genuine AVEOtsd.
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