Money Back Guarantee

Buy Your AVEOtsd Without Fear!

As an indroductory offer to selling online, we want to guarantee your AVEOtsd device gives you a better night sleep, or your money back.

If you are having doubts about your AVEOtsd, Contact Us we will work with you to use the device comfortably, if we can not, we will refund your money.


    • Applies to Devices Sold Online after 01/05/2017
    • AVEOtsd must recieve communication from the customer before 90 days after delivery
    • Device must be returned to Dunedin, New Zealand to obtain a refund.
    • Customer must obtain a return authorisation from AVEOtsd.
    • Customer may be required to attempt steps on using the device to its full potential before returning.
    • Refund does not include any additional shipping or customs/GST/VAT paid by the buyer.
    • See our full Tems & Conditions

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