What Our Happy Customers Say

"The device has been absolutely wonderful for me. I have been a surgical RN for the last 22 years and am an avid athlete. I have suffered from benign cardiac dysrhythmias. Since using the AVEOtsd they have STOPPED." 
Ron Begeot.


"The AVEOtsd is working well for me. My husband is now so happy that my snoring and holding my breath have stopped." 
Valerie K.


"The AVEOtsd anti-snoring device has transformed my life. It has stopped my loud snoring and my wife can now sleep peacefully at night. AVEOtsd also means not having to wake for toilet stops at night and no more waking with thumping heart and hot sweats.
You will save yourself the cost of a CPAP machine and its bulky mask and inconvenience if you use the AVEOtsd. After getting used to this device you will not want to sleep without it." 
Mike P.


"I have tried many 'remedies' but three years ago a medical friend sent me an AVEOtsd anti-snoring aid and I no longer wake myself up with loud snoring and gasps for breath. Nor do I wake my husband. It takes a little time to get used to it, but the latest design is comfortable and easy to use – and used it is, every night!" 
Susie Oldnall.


"This device has cured the snoring problem! It means no more sleepless nights and sighing all night." 


"I can unequivocally say that the AVEOtsd is amazing and works extremely well. Even on the first night I slept right through the night and so did my wife, something we haven't done for quite some time. It's going to make so much difference." 
Mr De Dulin.


"Since using the device I have had 100% snore-free nights. My husband is just over the moon." 


"I am so happy with your product that I no longer use my CPAP machine. The AVEOtsd works really well for sleep apnea and snoring." 
K Gory.


"My husband snores so loudly I have to sleep in the spare room. He even wakes the baby with his snores, and if he has had a beer or two it is even worse. I am only 32 and he is 35. I have just become pregnant again and can not suffer any more sleep deprivation. He is willing to give it a chance after our friend used one and his wife is now back in the matrimonial bed after eight years!" 


"The AVEOtsd sleep appliance has helped heaps! It helps keep my airway clear and I have definitely noticed the difference as my morning headaches are not as bad. I still have a problem with small nasal passages, like everyone in my family, so it’s hard to breathe through my nose but if I breathe through my mouth it works a treat!" 
S. Allen.


"The AVEOtsd has changed my life. I have an abnormally long uvula and excessive tonsil tissue, which means that as I lie back more than half of my throat is obstructed. It took me four or five nights to get used to the device but from the first night that I was able to leave it in to go to sleep I have had silent nights. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your device." 
Roz C.

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